Parent Community Organization

The Oak Grove High School Parent Community Organization is an organization of parents for parents. We are a family, and our community is unique in that our parents share a goal of seeking opportunities to become involved in and with their child’s academic and extracurricular success in high school. Oftentimes, you will see or hear about PCO fundraising opportunities at academic enrichment or sporting events on campus and in the community. It is through these fundraisers that we are able to offer student scholarships and staff grants to PCO members including:

  • Student scholarships for exemplary academic performance and school service

  • Grants for classroom materials (science lab equipment, art supplies, etc.)

  • Grants for technology to be used in the classrooms (LCD projectors, Smart Boards, etc.)

  • Field trips for students to enhance/complement what they are learning in the classroom

  • Teacher/Staff appreciation breakfast

The success of the PCO is possible because of the enormous commitment made by the entire Oak Grove Community – including parents like you. Your donation can help make some of these projects and more be realized as well as help the staff at Oak Grove support the academic and social success of your student(s). Your contribution (whether it be monetary or volunteering your time) is a direct investment in your child’s future.

Please check the calendar on the school website for meeting dates and times.