Physical Education

We teach our students how to lead a healthy lifestyle during their time at Oak Grove and beyond.

Course 1 Individual and Dual Activities (grades 9-12)

Freshman will be participating in individual/dual activities such as aquatics, badminton, tennis, table tennis, rock climbing, and weight training. They will also participate in the State mandated FitnessGram test.

Course 2 Team Sports (grades 10-12)

Sophomores will participate in team sports such as basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, softball, hockey and ultimate frisbee. They will also participate in the state FitnessGram test if they did NOT pass their freshman year.

Course 3 Fitness (grades 11-12)

Upperclassmen that enroll in Course 3 Physical Education can expect individualized fitness plans, field trips, team sports/competitions and the chance to build on the interest and enjoyment of an independently chosen sport or activity. Course 3 PE is an elective class that mirrors athletes season of sport. Coaches are encouraged to provide fitness plans for their athletes.