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Reserve a computer lab

Computer Labs:

24 Hours’ Notice for Use

Please give the lab manager (Karin Inzunza) at least 24 hours’ notice to reserve the lab.

Once confirmed, make sure to arrange to pick up a key from the Attendance Secretary.  

If a teacher would like to request more than three days in a row or reserve a specific day for one month or more need to coordinate with the lab manager. The teacher must be willing to be bumped or moved to a different date/time/lab if there is a request for use by another teacher who only needs one day or has a limited assignment window and cannot be accommodated in another lab.

Seating Charts

All teachers who use the lab are responsible for creating a seating chart [Student name, ID# and computer number] for each class period they are using the lab.  Keep for your records for accountability in case damaged and broken parts are found during inspections. Any damages found may cause loss of computer use privileges.

Student/ Teacher Responsibility

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